Cut Resistant Gloves

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Cut Resistant Gloves

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Technical Details

Product Details

Material – Polyethylene, Spandex, Fiberglass
Special Feature – Ambidextrous, Abrasion Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Cut Resistant
Reusability – Reusable
Size – S, M, L, XL
Material Type Free – Made of food safe ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fibre and spandex

* These gloves are cut RESISTANT, not cut or puncture PROOF. Work as carefully while wearing the protective gloves as if you wouldn’t be wearing them at all – better to be safe than sorry.

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves do not work as promised, drop a message to and we’ll make it right or your money back.

Regain your confidence chopping and slicing with gloves made of materials 4x stronger than leather
NoCry cut resistant gloves let you handle your grater, knives, and mandolin without worrying if you’ll need to bandage a finger or worse… make a trip to the ER.


Product Description

✔Cut Resistant Gloves - With the latest in cutting edge technology.

We’ve made it possible to keep your fingers safe while still being able to handle your blades! These are perfect for your next family cook-off - or just any time you want to make sure your fingers are safe!

✔These gloves are ambidextrous.

You’ve got better things to do than figuring out which hand goes where when it comes to cut resistant gloves, so we’ve made these ones ambidextrous. Problem solved. Next?

✔Our lightweight, breathable and stretchy fabric provides an unmatched level of comfort.

These gloves are unmatched by any other cut resistant gloves on the market.

Designed especially for tasks where you need to handle rough objects, come into contact with sharp edges or blades, or protect your hands against cuts and bruises

You can wash them! We’re all about being fast & effective, and hand-washing carrot stains out is neither. Pop these cut resistant gloves in a washing machine with a light detergent in up to 104°F, and drip dry. Good as new!

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Before doing anything we advise you to read the product user instructions.

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